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Charles Gagan
 For Innovative & Customized BI Solutions

A proven professional with Cognos BI expertise in the area of design and development of BI reports, analytics, dashboarding and Analytics  implementing solutions with consulting firms such as IBM and Accenture.​

​Experience working as a BI Specialist with the following.

  • Cognos BI (7.x, 8.x, 10.x, 11.x) & some Tableau Desktop v9.x, Cognos Framework Manager metadata models
  • BIG Data Hadoop (HDFS & Map Reduce), HBase, Hive, Sqoop and Spark
  • Query against Oracle and SQL Server databases
  • Expertise in managing both internal & external stakeholders' expectations
  • Comfortable with facilitation and presentation skills using effective communication style, tools and techniques.
  • Big proponent of agile development methodologies throughout System Development Life Cycle

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Assigned Projects

Lead BI & Analytics

11/2013 - Current

•        Overall responsibility included playing a key role in the standardization and implementation of Enterprise wide Cognos BI & Analytics platform for all manufacturing refineries across North America, Canada and South Africa. This included and not limited to migrating and converting over 150 plus Crystal reports into Cognos reports,  design and development of interactive dashboards, building conditional based alerts and notification on an enterprise level BI platform architecture comprised of Oracle 11g database, DataStage ETL sourced from SAP, Ariba, Meridium and Maximo source systems..

•        Responsibility includes and not limited to implementation, support and maintenance of Enterprise Cognos BI reporting and Reliability Information Management System (RIMS) applications responsible for keeping all manfacturing equipment reliable and efficient supporting approximately 2500 end users across the globe. 

•        Assisted team members with coaching as well as occasional hands on edits and tweaks with design and development of new reports, edits to Cognos Framework Manager Model, packages, dashboards, ERWIN models, scheduling and conditional notification of other BI artifacts.

•        Managed a team of onshore and offshore BI developers, architects, programmers, ETL developers, business and technical analysts in delivering enterprise level Cognos BI solutions to challenging issue with a goal of managing user expectations.

•        Built a network of Cognos BI skilled resources and trusted business partners by taking the initiatives and building relationships not only on professional level but also on a personal level resulting in the development of high performing team in Mexico, India and Philippines data centers.

•        Recognized and rewarded for identifying anomalies from audit reports around third party licensing cost and user roles. This resulted in cost saving measures and an overall savings of over $120K within the IT OPS business unit.

•        Collaborated and managed key stakeholders’ expectations in the design, development and implementation of an upgrade project which involved replacing legacy RIMS (Reliability Information Management Systems) application with a modernized and upgraded Mark Logic application designed for Big Data solutions.

•        Initiated and made contributions to new processes with reference to ticket management, change management, change control and transparency of incidents with key stakeholders through the incident management life cycle.

Management Consultant

03/2010 - 10/2013

10/2012 - 10/2013 (Role: Lead BA & Solution Architect in Manhattan NY.)

•      Contributed to multiple BI related projects and provided innovative solutions to IBM clients namely Bank of New York Mellon (Manhattan, NY & Pittsburgh, PA), County of Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA) Bank of America (Charlotte, NC), Eli Lilly (Indianapolis, IN), General Motors (Detroit, MI), and IBM Blue Harmony (Southbury, CT)      

•      Managed 3 onshore resources with the design of Oracle 11g data model, designed & development of Cognos Multidimensional Metadata Model and approximately 125 Cognos reports (medium to highly complex reports).

•      Initial responsibility included input to the project plan, screening and interviewing resources to join the team and gathering requirements on a high level from the client team members.

•      Designed and presented a solution outline and architecture Power Point Template based upon the high level requirements.

•      Conducted multiple work sessions for each business domain and presented a solution outline based upon gathered requirements with reference to end to end business intelligence solution.

•      Made major decisions with reference to Business Intelligence design roadmap in close collaboration with support from SMEs and Project Management.

•      Managed to architected and obtain prompt approval from the client for a conceptual BI solution design comprised of Cognos 10.2 BI application suite, reporting datamart designed in Star/Snowflake schema against Oracle 10g relational data store, Informatica ETL toolset extracting data from existing datasources such as PeopleSoft and others.

•      Conducted requirements gathering sessions with business clients for reporting, dashboards, notifications and managed to transfom the business requirements into functional and finally to technical requirements.

•      Collaborated and participated in discussions with infrastructure team members with reference to installation, configuration, server sizing particularly around Cognos Dynamic Cubes.

•      Created test plans, designed and developed an initial 3-layered Cognos DMR Framework Manager Metadata Model.

•      Designed and developed complex FIAS (Finance Integrated Allocation Solution) and CPE (Customer Profitability Engine) reports.

•      Setup the Lotus Notes portal to upload documents to an internal data repository for ease of sharing documents and collaboration.

•      Created an account with IBM Cognos support, assisted developers with opening new PMRs by reporting bugs and getting resolutions during model and report development processes.

•      Assisted client contacts with ad-hoc reporting model, report development and getting acclimated to the new BI environment.

•      Actively participated and assisted project manager in all major meetings including weekly status meetings, communicating progress of the project with the client, raising issues and concerns and other pertinent communication.

05/2012 - 10/2012 (Role: Cognos Dashboard developer in Los Angeles, CA.)

•      Assigned as a Lead BI Information Architect, Cognos Framework Manager Modeller, and Report Developer for a Proof of Concept Project.

•      Assisted the Business Analyst with the transformation of functional requirements of dashboards into mock-up of charts, graphs and reports using Excel visualization. The Excel mock-up provided a prototype and visualization of dashboards and reports and gain client's confidence before creation of the actual Cognos reports.

•      Successfully transformed all functional specifications into technical requirements

•      Responsibility included design and development of Framework Manager model v10 against disparate source systems. Imported relational tables from Orbit Lite datamart and completed metadata modelling in Cognos Framework Manager by defining relationship and cardinalities between tables based upon requirements gathered from the client.

•      Accomplished design and development of dashboards and KPI reports (medium to complex) using Cognos version 10.1 with conditional formatting and report level data aggregation. 

•      Thoroughly conducted User Testing and assisted with User Acceptance Testing, data validation and integrity. 

•      Applied package level security for all Clusters and Departments.

01/2012 - 04/2012 (Role: Business Analyst in Charlotte, NC.)
•      Managed and gathered functional and technical requirements, designed and developed Cognos FM Relational Metadata Model, and thirteen reports.

•      Responsibility included design and development of Framework Manager model version 10.1.0 against an OLTP database (Oracle 10g). Imported relational tables from datamart and modelled approximately 48 tables, including building and configuring relationships and cardinalities between tables based upon requirements gathered from the client.

•      Accomplished design and development of 12 reports (medium to complex) using Cognos version 10.1 with conditional formatting and customized filters. 

•      Thoroughly conducted user testing, data validation and data integrity.  

•      Successfully managed to demo the model and reports to the client team and managed to receive positive feedback and reviews from the client team.

01/2011 - 12/2011 (Role: Lead Report Developer in Detroit MI.)

•      Led 4 onshore and 2 offshore developers with the migration, design and development of over 130 reports.

•      Created a Cognos 8 centralized reporting environment for easy access by power/ad-hoc users.

•      Upgraded from Cognos 7.3 to Cognos 8.4 Business Intelligence reporting application.

•      Analyzed, consolidate and reduce the number of standardized and ad hoc reports.

•      Responsible for gathering or clarifying report requirements and accepting complete ownership of report delivery.

•      Designed and developed 30 plus complex reports using Report Studio and responsible for their performances, data integrity and unit testing.

•      Invoked edits to Cognos Framework Manager Models around Transactional, Standalone and Month End reports.

•      Re-designed and transformed all legacy Impromptu reports to Cognos 8 reports.

•      UAT and data validation of newly created Cognos 8 reports.

10/2010 - 01/2011 (Proof of Concept in Charlotte, NC.)

•      Project Scope involved evaluation of client’s existing BI infrastructure, identify gaps and provide a comprehensive assessment and a road map from ‘As-Is’ to ‘To-Be’ state with reference to Operational Risk and Control.

•      Assigned as a lead solution architect with an in depth knowledge and experience of Cognos BI toolset to understand the business and suggest reporting solutions.

•      Primary responsibilities included detailed analysis of existing business intelligence environment and provide innovative solution to their reporting needs and wants.

•      Executed the initial Assessment and Proof of Concept project which led to a full blown Enterprise Level implementation of Cognos Business Intelligence reporting environment.

•      Hands on involvement in the design and development of Cognos portal, dashboard, scorecard and reports.

•      Managed a group of client based IT team in the design and development of Cognos dashboard, scorecard, reports and portal.

•      Accomplished completion the assessment and proof of concept deliverables within budget and allocated time frame.

03/2010 - 07/2010 (Role: Business Analyst for TM1 project in Southbury, CT.)

•      Initial responsibility included design and development of a TM1 Cube.

•      Participated in strategic sessions to define the unique architecture of Cognos TM1 Cube against SAP Info Cube.

•      Collaborated with the business and process team members for clarifications in the functional requirements to build the cube.

•      Transformed business and functional requirements into technical design document including all mappings to SAP Info Cube.

•      Created data dictionary containing SAP objects, dimensions, data sources, data types etc.
•      Designed the TM1 Cube with required data elements, facts and dimensions contained in the proposed requirements.

•      Developed comprehensive mappings for all required data elements including TM1 reports.

Project Manager

01/2010 - 03/2010

KAISER PERMANENTE (W2 Contractor), Pleasanton CA, US                    01/2010 - 03/2010

•      Responsible for project execution and monitor/control segments of the project management process.

•      Managed and defined the Scope Management which comprised of Product Scope along with Project Scope.

•      Created a list of deliverables and WBS which helped in creating project plan & timelines, estimates, activity list and risk assessment.

•      Assisted architects and developers in the design and development of Cognos FM metadata modeller and assorted cross tab reports through System Development Life Cycle process.

•      Led and facilitated the requirements gathering process with the client team members, resolving issues with project challenges and constraints, facilitated daily status meetings to assess/mitigate risks (if applicable) with team members.

Senior Consultant

03/2007 - 12/2009

Implemented solutions and made enormous contributions in design and development of BI platforms and web portals, enterprise level BI components such as design, development, enhancement and maintenance of Cognos Framework Manager meta data models, interactive dashboards, standard & Active reports, for Accenture clients such as Disney (Burbank, CA.), Boston Scientific (Natick, MA.), Solar Turbines (San Diego, CA.) and Genzyme (Cambridge, MA.)

06/2009 - 12/2009 (Role: Cognos Dashboard developer in Burbank, CA.)

Core Technologies Used
Cognos 8.3 (Report Studio), Cognos Metric Studio 8.3, Cognos Framework Manager 8.3, SAP NetWeaver 7.0

01/2009 - 06/2009 (Role: Cognos developer in Natick, MA.)

Core Technologies Used
SAP BW, Cognos 8.4 (Report Studio, Query Studio) Cognos 7 Transformer, Cubes, & Power Play client, Cognos Framework Manager 8.4, SQL Server 2005, Clear Case, SQL DTS Packages

SOLAR TURBINE                                 
01/2008 - 12/2008 (Role: Cognos FM Model & report developer in San Diego, CA.)

Core Technologies Used
Cognos 8.3 SP1 (Report Studio, Query Studio, Event Studio, and Analysis Studio) Oracle 10g (10.2.1), Informatica 7.0, Cognos Framework Manager 8.3 with IBM Websphere 6.0/HTTP Server on a Window 2003 (SP2) platform

07/2007 - 12/2007 (Role: Cognos SME in Shoreview, MN.)

Core Technologies Used
8.1.1 MR1 (Report Studio, Query Studio) Oracle 10g, Informatica 7.0, & Framework Manager 8.0

03/2007 – 7/2007(Role: Cognos developer in Cambridge, MA)
Core Technologies Used
8.1.2 (Report Studio) Oracle 10g, Informatica 7.0, & Framework Manager 8.0


05/2006 - 03/2007

Gained experience as a BI consultant by working on multiple different BI related projects on multiple different platforms with clients such as AON (Chicago, IL), State Street Global Advisors (Boston, MA.) and Estee Lauder (Manhattan, NY).

01/2007 - 03/2007 (Role: Consultant Developer in Chicago, IL.)
Core Technologies Used
Composite (CIS) 3.7, Composite Studio (Modeler UI and Manager), Cognos 8.1.2 (Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Query Studio and Event Studio), Framework Manager 8.0,, Composite Studio 3.7 & Oracle 9i

01/2006 - 06/2006 (Role: Consultant Developer in Boston, MA.)
Core Technologies Used
Cognos 8.0 (Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Query Studio and Event Studio), Cognos Transformer v7.3, Framework Manager 8.0, MS SQL Server 2000

ESTEE LAUDER (Manhattan, NY)
05/2006 - 11/2006 (Role: Oracle BI developer in Manhattan, NY.)
Core Technologies Used
Oracle Administrator, Oracle Discoverer, Discoverer Plus and Oracle Desktop, Oracle 9i, SQL Plus and PL/SQL Developer.

IT Support Desk

Exposed to and learned Cognos Business Intelligence starting with identifying and troubleshooting BI related issues gaining experience as a BI support specialist. Introduced to Cognos version 7.x and later to Cognos version 8.x. Responsibility included assisting and providing support with Cognos Impromptu Reports, Cognos 7.x Catalog, and Multi-dimensional Transformer Cubes.

Nov 2003 – Sept 2005   
Cognos Support Specialist
Chicago, IL 60601

Mar 2002 – Nov 2003   
Client Support Specialist
Lincolnshire, IL 60069